Thursday, May 13, 2010

"That Sad Lad" by Roch Samuels

In the darkest of recesses, often called night, scurries a boy in his tweens, anguished with fright.a puddle is bred through beads of fears' sweat, his mind on a scurry,heart packaging fret. His eyes dart in a convulsive fashion;in each midst of his pupils, lie facades of deep passion.fingers waddling in fright; failed attempt at a stillness ; throat victim of gulping ; the extent parallel to illness . The beat of his heart ; could blend thumps in a rock band; tongues saliva in a bamboozle, of oozing as quick sand.his teeth in a clench-hold; tense as they come; the violin of his life is on its very last strum. his vision made musty; lips pigmented frosty white; quiver and shiver; a deep-set frown his plight. Plowing to its speedy plunge ; is his hopes , is his dreams; his belief in himself a mere shred at its seams. in his legs spew a tingle , his blood on a sporadic flow; his emotionality embryonic; too malnourished to grow.palpitations past the speed limit; and brazen though it seems; he's used to the smack, that's a 'balm' for his screams. In a sprinkled about manner; scars decorate his form; each anew evicts a dread; in his soul a concocted storm. Teeth chatter till brittle; eyebrows furrow to mint; an age fail of wrinkles; to bequeath permanence of squint. Horror holds him in its strong-hold; for both future and past; for in each presence of moments, he is doomed imminence to its last. his lips purse with anguish ; for his fate void of pity; if rugs had not been of invention; his bones sight not've spoke pretty.gory though it sounds; reflective of reality this is,derive the lesson that its to be not his burden alone, we will carry ours and his. If ever u chance upon; a shrunken scared lad, lend a hug, and an ear, a termination to this fad. take a moment to wink, show the kid that you care, and if ever he should be in need, you'll always be there. and if he looks up and smiles, in a faint sort of way, and he musters the courage, to deem life okay, then you have been instrumental in his shoulder sagged life, you have modified its darkness, with your touch you've sliced strife. Now pat his head softly and whisper in his ear. "Like I said, when you need me,
I'll always be there."

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