Friday, May 28, 2010

“Small” by Evan Schoettle

Two strangers and another person entered a small town in their small vehicles, one big, not knowing one from the other at similar times.  In a small diner, in a small town that was a small distance from a large town they sat at the small bar and ate lunch.  The small waitress took an order of the pot roast special, while the other one thinking that sounded good ordered that also.  The other stranger to the other two guys ordered a cheeseburger, plain, with fries and a small coke.  The small waitress who apparently had small boobs did not enjoy the small talk from each of the three strangers.  In silence they sat until the one that did not know the other said something to the other until the other joined in and they had small talk among themselves.
The small waitress gave each of the patrons their small bills and was able to squeeze out a small smile to each of the strangers.  She seemed to not like them very much.  They each left behind a small tip before they headed to the small bathroom that only fit two at a time.  With a kind gesture the one guy let the two others that he hardly knew go as he waited and he was alone.  The two left the small room and gestured a sign of thank-you and good-bye as they left that small diner with the waitress with the small boobs.
In the small parking lot the two were already in their small cars with motors running as the other got in his large car as the two drove away, bumper to bumper.  On the highway, I-70, the one noticed a small group of two small cars ahead of him.  The one approached the small cars as he headed for Boulder, Colorado and decided to keep a small distance behind the other two, for kicks.  They drove together but only for a small amount of time until they reached the Broadway exit, and like a small pack of wolves they followed each other until reaching a small, narrow street where the one turned and parked his small car.  The other continued until the one stopped to park as the other went by.  After realizing the spot was too small for his large car, he drove on to see that the other sneaked a spot perfect for his small car, and on he went in search of a large spot to park.
In a small dark bar one sat at the bar all alone and ordered from a large bartender a whiskey and coke.  Soon after his small glass was set another person came in and sat at the bar to order a whiskey and coke from the bartender with a small head.  The one looked over with a nod and asked if he lived around here, and once more the two from the small diner back in that small town continued with their small talk.  The one was about to order another, when the small headed bartender went to prepare a dry martini with a lemon twist for the other as he nodded to the others and came into converse with those  two.  He explained how that spot was too small for his big car.  He had luckily found a spot right in front of his apartment building and it was only a small walk from there.  The two refilled their drinks and proceeded to tell the other that it turned out that they both lived in the same complex exactly where the other parked.  The one had been there one year, while the other had been there close to three years and the other said he had just moved in there two weeks ago from a small town.
After a small amount of time in the dark and small bar they left their small drinks with a small nod to the large bartender with the small head.  They made their exit.  The one took the small walk to the complex while the other two got into their small cars, one big.  With only a small distance to travel, all living in the same small place, they drove and each found a place in the rather small lot behind the small building that housed them.

Their small adventure came to a close and their meeting was just a small coincidence.  The world really was a small place.

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