Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Anaesthesia" by Faye Blyth

Fizzing fervently, bubbles race to the bottleneck and spill into the throat of your despair. Your tongue swishes the infectious allurement around your teeth and pushes it down through your body to your wearing liver in an unrelenting gulp. Wash it all away.

Find another bottle. Smash the glass and watch your world fall to your feet. Crumble to your hands and knees and lick it up with the ferocity of your animalistic desire, howling amongst blood and shards of glass and pride lying broken on the floor.

Fire scorches your mouth and blazes through your neck and down your chest. A watery sheen forms over your eyes and you blink back the tears. Lift up your head and take a look at the world, rocking back and forth as your eyes chase the dizzying patterns of the world. Shift your weight from one foot to the other and tell the world you’re doing just fine. Twist the cap of your liquid anaesthetic and be numbed once more.

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