Sunday, November 14, 2010


Starting immediately, and continuing through January of next year, we will be taking a break from reading submissions. If you happen to send us something we'll remind you of our vacation and get back to you once we begin again in February. The holidays are finally upon us and a trip to Europe is in the works for January; plus we could use a little breather. But have no fear, we'll be back and better than ever starting February 2011. In fact, we've already got a few awesome stories lined up for when we return. Continue to check our page on Facebook for updates. We've got big things planned for the new year including a switch to weekly publication schedule instead of a daily one, working on putting together our own website free from the constraints of Blogger, we're also trying to figure out a plan to fund our first ever print issue (probably a best of the first year type thing) as well as figuring out just how much money we should give away for our next writing contest (to celebrate our one year anniversary in May 2011.) So stay tuned and have a happy holiday season!

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  1. Well deserved Patrick! You've earned it! Do the stories we sent in for the contest have a chance at being published after the break?
    Thanks for everything!
    Have a great Holiday Season and enjoy the best that the world has to offer and have fun in Europe!
    Best Regards,
    Allison Fine