Tuesday, August 31, 2010

“The Weekend” by Thom Young

She came in on a red-eye from San Antonio. The girl from the hill country outside of the city. Her family lived on a ranch twenty miles up a dirt road. It was an ideal location to make illegal moonshine, and blow the fuck out of everything else. I had been to the place several times. I liked her dogs. They were eager to please like all dogs. That is what I admire the most. The loyalty. She took after her pets. She often drove up every other weekend. That didn’t put too much strain on our relations. She cleaned up my place. Taking care to empty the ashtrays and place beer bottles in the trash. I left dirty dishes in the sink. She cleaned those too, even going the extra mile by wiping out the shitter. I drove my old Ford to the airport. The place was tedious to navigate. Hell would have been easier. I pulled into a spot right by her terminal. I lit a cigarette. It was a no smoking facility. I didn’t give a fuck. I was standing up for the liberty of the little guy. His big brother was an ass hole. I had to embarrass myself by going through a body scanner. The perverts were storing my ass on a computer somewhere. I made it through that. I sat down and stretched my feet out. It felt good to be alive. Her flight was running late. I picked up a newspaper off a seat adjacent to me. The headline talked about the president signing a bill to save the bankers. The bankers had to be saved. The whole country was going to shit. It had to be done. All the senators congratulated each other. They were proud of their work. It was going to cost the taxpayers a billion dollars, but at least we could sleep good knowing the banks had been rescued. I flipped to the sports section. The middleweight champion was fighting next week in Dallas. He was a good fighter. Nobody could beat him. I was like him. I was a fighter. She wouldn’t beat me.

Then I saw her. It wasn’t my girlfriend. A young college girl was sitting across from me. Her skirt kept inching up her thigh. Every now and then she’d uncross her legs. She had on pink ruffled panties. I nearly blew a load in my jeans. I bet her life was easy. Her family wasn’t affected by the economic downturn. Money wasn’t a concern. It never had been. It was expected. Daddy made sure of that. “Daddy can I have another thousand?” “Why sure honey, I’ll put that in your account today.” She went on about her college life of skipping classes and blowjobs. I played out the little scenario in my mind. The she got up and left.

My girlfriend’s plane arrived. She saw me. She looked good. I think she looked a bit thinner. I was still fat. These things are allowed as a man. We are the dominant species. I put my arm around her. We walked to my car. “Sir, put that cigarette out.” “Go fuck off.” The security guard didn’t say anything. They weren’t use to that.

She talked about furniture on the drive home. She was talking about that or decorating. “I could really fix up your place. We can go look at couches tomorrow.” “Sure baby.”

I stared out the window on the drive home. The city was lit up like a drunk sailor. We were all sailing somewhere.

That night we had sex. It was becoming routine. “Aim for my tits, it’s not a safe time.” You had to admire a woman like that.

She came back a few more weekends. There wasn’t much to say anymore. I never got that couch. That was a year ago this May. I still think about her sometimes. Mainly when I see a dog.

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